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If someone asks about fitness age limit, then the answer is “there is no age limit for fitness”. As one gets older, its important to workout. The benefits are plenty and there is no downside. Age is just a number and a mental barrier. All that is needed is a shift in perception and mindset. Let age not be a deterrent to fulfil your dreams. There is no ceiling for the benefit of exercise. Most of us have dozens of excuses ready to not exercise or stick to a healthy routine. A person ages does not mean that he or she must become inactive. The older a person gets, the more important it becomes to remain as physically active as possible.


It is important for everyone to keep in mind that regular physical activity  will help a person live a life that is full of energy and excitement.

There is no such fitness age limit as there is no one who does not benefit from being physically fit.

Exercise is suitable for every one regardless of age.


Some people say, Weight increases with age, but ultimately your fitness is in your hand. If we are obese and lazy, why will our kids want to lead healthy lives.As we age our muscle mass reduces. The most important thing to do after 50 is to work on our muscles.


Also it is important to make our bones stronger. Exercise is not only an excellent preventive medicine, it is also the best way to improve quality of life and live life pain free.


The first step to experience the next level of fitness is eliminating the mindset of “can’t”, for no reason one can not. The second step is to discard idea that “walking is good enough” or “ weight training is not for me”, however please consult your doctor what exercise is good for you.


Weight training  two to three days a week can manage and prevent onset of many diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease etc while improving bone density and muscle mass.


We should take out some time every day for ourselves and use it appropriately to strengthen and condition our bodies. Exercise tends to decrease heart rate, depression, risk of osteoporosis, social isolation, blood pressure, obesity, body fat, constipation, LDL cholesterol etc.


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